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Lubrication is an essential component for great sex. This statement needs no explanation. However, not all vaginas create enough lubrication naturally. The hormone estrogen usually maintains a healthy fluid level, but when estrogen levels drop so does natural lubrication. This can be caused by menopause or several other reasons at any age.

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The good news is that there are many “personal lubricant” options on the market including water–based, silicone-based, mineral-oil-based and many others. Because every vagina is different, some women have issues with some and not others.    

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For example, preservatives added to water-based lubricants have an impact on your body’s pH and osmolality. Silicone-based lubes are difficult to wash off skin and may stain sheets (FYI: they also damage silicone sex toys).     

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There’s a better option. In addition to the health benefits to your pelvic floor, Silkx Society™ is a fantastic alternative to these products, especially any glycerin-based lubrication. Glycerin has sugar in it and bacteria and fungi feed on this sugar and put you at risk of a yeast infection.

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