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Pelvic health for every body

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Made with plant-based, clean ingredients at the highest standards of health and sustainability, Silkx Society™ provides maximum comfort and long-lasting lubrication.    

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Vaginal Dryness
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Lubrication is an essential component of great sex


Founded in medicine

Dr. Leifer has over 15 years experience working directly and personally with patients with pelvic issues. Silkx Society™ was founded to develop products that work for her patients.

Because clean is a good place to start

Our serum is intentionally formulated with clean ingredients. This means we avoid parabens, chemicals, and mineral oil.

Silkx Society™: Built by feedback

Our pelvic serum was inspired and developed based on feedback from our practice and patient-base. Our customers will always be a vital source of inspiration, and we welcome feedback & encouragement.

Eco-friendly packaging

We use a turn-lock pump on a recyclable glass bottle. Less packaging means less waste and allows us to ship our products in a smaller package. We avoid mixed materials and source  materials that are easy to recycle curbside.

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Pelvic Pain Products
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Silkx Society

Silkx Society was founded by Dr. Adina Leifer, a leading pelvic-floor physical therapist who has trained in the fields of orthopedics, manual therapy, women’s health, men’s health, and pelvic floor dysfunction.  

The pelvic floor is a muscle and should be treated like one. Our 100% natural, oil-based, CBD infused serum has been designed to supplement pelvic floor therapies. Our Pelvic Serum can be used to soothe vaginal dryness, provide full-body-tranquility, relaxation at bedtime and arousal boosting or increased climax during sexual activity. 

CBD & Sex
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